Transient astrophysics with a sq kilometre array pathfinder (taska)

EXTRACT technology will focus on collecting and transforming huge volumes of raw data from radio-telescopes into high quality reusable datasets for astronomical observations and for use in fifteen different scientific domains. Giant antenna arrays for radio astronomy within the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project will lead to major science breakthroughs in the area of space.

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The EXTRACT project is harnessing the power of data in its space case that tests EXTRACT project technology in a Transient Astrophysics with a Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder case using NenuFar radio telescopes in Nançay, France. EXTRACT project technology helps filter raw data from these telescopes by a factor of 100 to allow meaningful data to be populated into high-quality datasets.

*The NenuFAR telescope clips used in the videos were provided by Observatoire de Paris, CNRS PSL & Oak Productions, 2017.