Personalized evacuation routing (per)

A PER system will serve to guide citizens in an urban environment (the city of Venice) through a safe route in real time. This use case provides an important test for EXTRACT technologies due to its geographical and social complexity: the city of Venice is composed of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges. Moreover, the historical area of Venice is usually overcrowded with unprepared tourists walking in an unknown city that has 95% of its territory at flooding risk.

The EXTRACT platform will be used to develop, deploy and execute a data-mining workflow, including highly accurate position, AI-based computer vision, reinforcement deep learning and an Urban Digital Twin. This workflow will generate personalized evacuation routes for each citizen, displayed in a mobile phone app, by processing and analysing extreme data composed of Copernicus and Galileo satellite data, IoT sensors installed across the city, 5G mobile signal, and a semantic data lake fusing all this information.

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The EXTRACT project is harnessing the power of data and testing its solutions in the Personalized Evacaution Route use case in Venice. EXTRACT project technology is being used to create trustworthy data mining solutions that use cloud, edge and high-performance computing technologies together with AI to analyse huge amounts of data to aid human-centric decision-making.

*The NenuFAR telescope clips used in the videos were provided by Observatoire de Paris, CNRS PSL & Oak Productions, 2017.