Sharing EXTRACT´s vision with Smart City Attendees

Date: November 10, 2023

EXTRACT partner Elli Kartsakli from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) presented at the Generalitat de Catalunya Agora of the 2023 Smart City Expo World Congress.

Elli´s presentation, “Edge computing for safe and clean mobility in smart cities” was well-received by private business and the general public, who made up the majority of the audience.

Elli presented the various project she is working on as part of the BSC Predictable Parallel Computing Group and how edge computing is being applied to different critical city pilot and use cases.

She presented the Venice Personalized Evacuation Routing system case and the importance of the EXTRACT platform for helping extract extreme data from edge computing devices to then turn it into data that can be used for actionable knowledge.

She mentioned that

Workflows are common, the difference of what the BSC is doing in projects like EXTRACT, is that we’re distributing the workflows.

The Smart City Expo World Congress is the world´s biggest and most influential event for cities and urban innovation. It gathers leaders from companies, governments, and organizations to move cities towards a better future.