MWC24 0pens door to Industry

Date: February 29, 2024

Figure 1: Elli Kartsakli from BSC presenting at the Beat Barcelona Agora at MWC24

On 26-29 February the 2024 Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona, Spain, gathering many industry-leading connectivity and edge device organizations and emerging innovative technology providers. The Congress offered an opportunity to meet with many industry decision makers and to learn about other innovations in connectivity and at the edge.

Elli Kartsakli and Alba Cañete from the BSC presented at the Barcelona Beat Agora, hosted by the Barcelona City Council on 26 February. Their presentation focused on smart city applications of the key enabling technologies that facilitate extreme data mining. It also included an introduction into the Venice Personalised Evacuation Route crisis management use case.

Figure 2: Alba Cañete presenting at the Beat Barcelona Agora

Figure 3: Slides from the MWC24 presentation

EXTRACT partners also took the opportunity of the Congress to meet with several industry players who were interested in the technology behind the project.

Figure 4: Partner BSC used its booth to hold meetings between projects and interested industrial audiences.

Participating in industrial events such as the MWC is important for the project to understand the context in which it is working. Presenting project technology to potential users or collaborators, and getting to know other available technologies is important to ensure the project remains relevant and on the right track.