Great Strides for Integration thanks to internal hackathon

Date: June 25, 2024

Members of the EXTRACT project consortium met in Barcelona for an intense three-day Hackathon that allowed the team to focus on technology integration and problem-solving.

The Hackathon forms part of the larger EXTRACT strategy to ensure that the technological developments meet the needs of the project’s two use cases. Given the diverse background of the consoritum, internal training and integration exercises like this one are key for aligning goals and ensuring a common understanding of the project technology.

The EXTRACT internal Hackathon took place from 18-20 June 2024. Coordinator, Eduardo Quiñones opened each meeting with a status check and a goal for the end of each day. Then, partners were distributed into 3-4 different groups focused on: 1) EXTRACT platform development, 2) tooling deployments related to the Personalised Evacuation Route System, 3)TASKA-related deployments. Specific sessions were also held on basics and hands-on COMPSs, Urban Digital Twin/Simulation Integration, monitoring and scheduling the infrastructure and infrastructure security.

Great strides were made towards setting the groundwork for the consortium’s goal of a having a demo ready by early autumn. Trainings like this Hackathon let consortium members delve into different aspect of the project technology and troubleshoot any integration issues early on. They also help consortium members obtain a deeper understanding of what their counterparts in other work groups are doing.